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Scattering Ashes Ceremonies

Ash Scattering Ceremonies with Freeport Charter Boats

Freeport Charter Boats offers a unique and meaningful way to commemorate a loved one – a private ash scattering ceremony on the majestic Atlantic Ocean, just off the Long Island South Shore.

A Dignified Farewell on the Freeport Gem:
This past weekend, we hosted a beautiful memorial cruise for 60 guests on the Freeport Gem. This spacious and comfortable vessel provided the perfect setting for a private ash scattering service. The ceremony, held in our climate-controlled cabin, offered a comfortable and dignified space for family and friends to gather and share memories of their loved one.
A Journey of Peace on the Atlantic Ocean:

Following the service, the Freeport Gem ventured out to the Atlantic Ocean, where legal guidelines allow for the respectful scattering of ashes. This peaceful journey allows families to say their final goodbyes in a beautiful natural setting.

A Personalized Celebration of Life:

Freeport Charter Boats understands the importance of personalizing this final tribute. We offer a variety of options to create a ceremony that reflects the unique life of your loved one. Our services can be tailored to include readings, music, or religious observances.

A Complete Memorial Experience:

Following the ash scattering, the Freeport Gem returned to the bay, where guests enjoyed a delicious catered lunch buffet served on board. This provided a warm and comforting space for families and friends to connect and share memories in a more relaxed setting.

Offering Comfort and Care:

We at Freeport Charter Boats are committed to providing compassionate and attentive service during this difficult time. Our experienced staff will handle all the logistics with care, ensuring a smooth and dignified experience for all involved.

Considering an Ash Scattering Ceremony?

If you are considering an ash scattering ceremony for a loved one, Freeport Charter Boats can help you create a beautiful and meaningful tribute. We offer a variety of private ash scattering packages that can include catering, bar service, and other amenities.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about how we can help you honor your loved one’s memory.