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Casting Adventures: Camp Field Trips Aboard the Freeport Gem

Summer camps offer children an opportunity to explore, learn, and create lasting memories. Among the many exciting activities you can provide, a field trip aboard the Freeport Gem stands out as an unforgettable experience. Situated in Freeport, NY, the Freeport Gem is a premier charter boat perfect for a day of adventure on the water, combining the joys of fishing with the excitement of a boat trip.

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Why Choose the Freeport Gem for Your Camp Field Trip?

Capacity and Safety: The Freeport Gem boasts a large capacity, accommodating up to 130 passengers. This makes it an ideal choice for camp field trips of any size. Safety is our top priority, with a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain at the helm, fully insured operations, and comprehensive U.S. Coast Guard safety gear on board. Our life rafts and other safety measures ensure that every trip is as secure as it is fun.

Comfort and Amenities: The Freeport Gem is equipped with both upper and lower decks, providing ample space for campers to explore and enjoy the scenery. The boat features a full sound system on both decks, dual 42″ TVs for presentations, and a large two-level platform. For those hot summer days, our air conditioning system ensures a comfortable environment, while heating is available for cooler outings.

Entertainment and Engagement: With Sirius/XM radio and a large galley for catering setups, the Freeport Gem ensures that entertainment and comfort are never in short supply. Our full sound system can play music or be used for announcements and activities, keeping campers engaged throughout the trip.

The Fishing Experience

Fishing aboard the Freeport Gem is an adventure suitable for all ages and skill levels. Whether your campers are seasoned anglers or first-timers, our experienced crew is dedicated to providing a memorable and educational experience. We offer both day and night fishing charters, allowing flexibility to fit your camp’s schedule.

Learning Opportunities: A fishing trip is not just about catching fish; it’s an educational journey. Campers will learn about different fish species, marine ecosystems, and fishing techniques. Our crew is passionate about teaching and will guide the campers through every step, from baiting the hook to reeling in their catch.

Family-Friendly Environment: We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly operation. Our boats are designed to accommodate children of all ages, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment. Parents and guardians can rest assured that their children are in good hands, enjoying a day filled with fun and learning.

Planning Your Trip

Booking and Preparation: Booking a trip on the Freeport Gem is straightforward. Simply call us at (516) 369-1646 to discuss your needs and schedule a date. We recommend booking well in advance, especially during the busy summer months, to secure your preferred date. Click here to learn more about the Freeport Gem.

What to Bring: Encourage campers to bring sunscreen, hats, and comfortable clothing suitable for a day on the water. While we provide all necessary fishing equipment, campers are welcome to bring their own gear if they prefer. Snacks and drinks are also a good idea, though our large galley can accommodate catering setups for more substantial meals.

On the Day of the Trip: On the day of your trip, our crew will provide a thorough safety briefing before departure. This includes instructions on using life jackets, understanding the boat’s layout, and ensuring that everyone knows the procedures in case of an emergency. Once underway, the adventure begins with a mix of fishing, relaxation, and plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Benefits of Fishing for Kids

Fishing offers numerous benefits for children, making it an excellent activity for camp field trips. Here are some of the key advantages:

Develops Patience and Concentration: Fishing requires patience and concentration, skills that are valuable in many areas of life. Waiting for a bite teaches children to be patient, while focusing on the task at hand enhances their concentration abilities.

Promotes Physical Activity: Fishing involves a range of physical activities, from casting the line to reeling in a catch. It’s a great way for children to stay active and healthy while having fun.

Encourages a Love for Nature: Spending time on the water and learning about marine life fosters a deeper appreciation for nature. Children gain an understanding of ecosystems and the importance of preserving natural habitats.

Enhances Social Skills: Fishing trips are often social events, providing an opportunity for children to interact, share experiences, and build friendships. Working together to catch fish and sharing the excitement of a successful catch enhances teamwork and communication skills.

Boosts Self-Esteem: Catching a fish, especially for the first time, can be a huge confidence booster for children. The sense of accomplishment they feel can positively impact their self-esteem and encourage them to take on new challenges.

A Day on the Freeport Gem: What to Expect

Morning Departure: Your adventure begins in the morning with a warm welcome from our friendly crew. After a comprehensive safety briefing, the boat sets sail, and the excitement begins. The journey to the fishing grounds is filled with scenic views and the anticipation of the day’s catch.

Fishing Sessions: Upon reaching the fishing spot, our crew will assist campers with setting up their fishing gear and provide instructions on various fishing techniques. Throughout the session, crew members are on hand to help with baiting hooks, casting lines, and reeling in fish. They also share interesting facts about the local marine life and ecosystems.

Afternoon Adventures: The afternoon continues with more fishing and relaxation. Campers have the opportunity to practice their fishing skills, with the crew providing tips and encouragement. The day is rounded off with some relaxation time, where campers can enjoy music from the Sirius/XM radio or simply take in the beautiful surroundings.

Return to Shore: As the day winds down, the Freeport Gem makes its way back to shore. The return journey is a time for campers to reflect on their adventures, share stories of their catches, and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow campers. Upon arrival, parents and guardians are greeted with excited children eager to share their experiences.

Preparing for Your Trip

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip, here are some tips for preparation:

Dress Appropriately: Comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing is essential. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are recommended for protection against the sun. If the weather is cooler, layers are advisable to stay warm.

Pack Essentials: In addition to snacks and drinks, consider bringing a small backpack with personal items such as sunscreen, a water bottle, and a camera to capture memorable moments. While we provide all necessary fishing equipment, personal gear is welcome.

Stay Hydrated and Energized: Fishing can be physically demanding, so it’s important to stay hydrated and energized. Encourage campers to drink plenty of water and enjoy healthy snacks throughout the day.


A field trip aboard the Freeport Gem is more than just a boat ride; it’s an unforgettable adventure that combines education, excitement, and the beauty of the great outdoors. By choosing the Freeport Gem for your camp’s next outing, you’re providing an experience that will leave lasting memories and inspire a love for fishing and marine life.

Book Your Trip Today: Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Call us at (516) 369-1646 to book your camp’s fishing adventure aboard the Freeport Gem. We look forward to welcoming you aboard and making your next field trip an experience to remember. Click here to learn more about what Freeport Charter Boats has to offer.